Magic Camera v3.6

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    new Magic Camera v3.6

    Post by Dr M!DO on Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:48 pm

    Magic Camera v3.6

    Want to present your best look when chatting via
    Instant Messenger? Want to remotely share desktop to your colleagues?
    Want to save the video when you are chatting with your family from far
    away? Magic Camera will empower you with all these dreaming magic via
    simply adding a virtual camera on your computer.

    This is more than magic.:-) Magic Camera is an
    advanced accompanying virtual camera for instant messenger or any video
    chat software. It is adoptable for most popular chat software such as
    MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat, Skype,
    and etc.

    Magic Camera operates via adding a virtual camera
    to your system, Windows 2000/XP and Vista included, and allows you to
    use it exactly the same as a real camera.

    You can use this virtual camera without a
    physical webcam installed. Simply play a pre-recorded video will give a
    virtual image of yourself on IM or video chat software to make fun with
    your friends.

    Magic Camera also enables you to share desktop
    screen with your friends by doing a live screen capture/sending. With
    this option you can share your documents with your colleagues, show
    visual demonstration on IM or video chat software, keep your privacy by
    pretending to be some one else or even do a real-time video forwarding
    via this virtual camera.

    To use it with a webcam already, simply switch
    this virtual camera to the physical one. By adding lots of funny photo
    frames and do image overlays to your webcam, Magic Camera makes your
    video chatting more interesting!

    Want to save your video conversations? Use Magic
    Camera to do it! Start to record your or your friends' live video to
    disk and even play back to them in the virtual camera later!

    There are still more functions! Magic Camera
    includes video effect functionality. More than 20 amazing video effect
    can be added to your real/virtual video.

    Start the trial today! We are offering free
    trials and you’ll see more fun, more flexibility, more security and
    more magic in your video chat with this simple small software. Start
    the fun today and enjoy it!

    CODE Magic_Camera_v3.6.rar

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